Jaca Virtual Trip (Huesca)

 Jaca is the capital of the region of La Jacetania. It is located north of the province of Huesca, in the Valley of the River Aragon, in the shadow of Oroel Peña, in the central Pyrenees, making it one of the best places to practice winter sports in Spain. 

It is likely that his foundation was due to be Iberians jacetanos in the first millennium BC, The Greek historian Strabo quoted it in the first century as one of the major towns of northern Spain.

In the year 195 a. C., the Roman consul Marco Pontius Cato began the conquest of the city ending in the spring of 194 a. C. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Goths invaded the peninsula and Jaca became known as Apriz.

Following the Muslim invasion, in the mountains of Jaca took refuge many Christians and those fugitives were at the heart of the kingdom of Aragon. Aznar the first count of Aragon in the year of 780 regained the city of Jaca and defended it in 795. Count Galindo son and successor of Aznar gave immunity and privileges to the city.

Jaca became a military strondhold to defend the peninsular realms of a hypothetical French invasion. In this regard, Philip II ordered the construction of several strongholds throughout the Pyrenees, one of them is the Ciudela.


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