Toño Sánchez

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Piracés, Huesca, España


Árboles como arqueología 2003
Eight black granite monoliths
(height: 427-507 cm; diameter 95-115 cm) 
and two ancient olive trees
Hermitage of la Corona, Piracés, Monegros, Huesca

Fernando Casás  (Gondomar, Pontevedra, 1946) has spent his life between Brazil and Galicia, an experience that has shaped his development as an artist, leading him to work and pursue his education in both places. In terms of the learning of his craft, this back-and-forth movement is evident in the way the influence of his Galician grandfather, a carpenter who taught him how to work with wood, is complemented by his technical training at the Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial in Rio de Janeiro. The natural landscapes of Brazil and Galicia have had a significant influence on his work, and Casás draws on the wide range of materials provided by nature, from tree trunks from the Amazon rainforest to materials from the coast of Galicia.