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We are in front of the altar, where we can observe the greater altarpiece, work of Damián Forment, a valencian origin sculptor, but who lived most of his life in Aragón. The construction of the altarpiece was ordered by the town hall cathedral and the bishop Juan de Aragón in 1520. The work was finished in 1533 when the escultor was 70 years old.

The material in which the altarpiece is made is alabaster. It has a mixture of gothic and Renaissance styles. The Renaissance style is seen mainly in the freshness of the faces and clothes, where the images express the feelings of the represented personages. 

The lower part has columns that separate seven compartments, we can pay attention to shileds decorated with vegetal and animal  motives. We can also observe the picture of the own esculptor and the picture of his daughter Úrsula.